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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

End of Happiness~ Returning to Serdang :(

The flowers grew so prettily at home. I truly love these flowers. Momma said, "Cut em up deary. You juz have to arrange them in the soil. veli easy, will grow real soon honey". Crap. The easier tree, 'lemongrass' (i think) in my house oso nearly die siow..crazy crappy super non-green thumb XD

Then, we started to paint henna on our nails~ my momma started it first, painting the nails on my feet while I'm doing her homework for her *laughes* (can you believe it? her presentation for promotion is done by her daughter ^^;;) But as long as she's happy, anything is fine by me.. We started painting our nails.. My big sis, momma and me. Pretty2 yay!

I went back to Serdang on Sunday afternoon of the 16th Aug 2009. I manage to obtain a bus ticket of my choice and able to purchase a single seat. Thank goodness. But then since I sat 2nd from last, I gotta bear with the bumpy ride. Macam naik kuda lao XD

The bus moved at exactly 12.00 noon. My mom was sooo fussy asking me to bring along cod liver oil. My sis bugged me to buy vitamin C..aigooo~

At the middle of the journey (around 2 1/2hr journey), we reached an R&R. R&R is a kind of place where travellers stop for refreshments, petrol, prayers or just to take a quick nap. This place is beautiful. Its in Tapah, in the heart of Perak, a state just a little bit to the south of Kedah.
At this place, we can purchase local fruits, trees, souvenirs and even eat any kinds of food we like, be it fast food chains like kfc, mcD, baskin robins and dunkin donuts, or even rice, traditional cakes/pastries, noodles etc. Its a nice place to rest I'd say. The driver gave us 25 minutes, I spent my whole 20 in the washroom, juz sitting there and relaxing, cuz the place was so nice (not smelly at all) got lotsa partitions, not juz toilet :)

I reached Pudu at 6.00 pm. It's heavy traffic, like always. I jumped off and quickly took LRT Star of Ampang. A lot of people cough and sneeze but they didn't wore a mask. This was craziness. I seriously hated people whom are not concern about someone else's condition. Sometimes I think they prefer to infect it to other so that it'll be 'fair'. If I got it, everyone must got it too. Jahat btol. >.< After reaching the last stop, my bucuk took me and we went for dinner at Serdang haha.

I reached home at 7.30 pm and slept at 10.00 pm. Its really nice to be home. Its really dreadful when have to return. Dem.



  1. all the bungas and plants are all thanks to abe.

    tankiu tankiu.

    later i giv otograf ah. XD

  2. lol, really? ape u wat bg die segar bugar? kya nk tau gak..tnmn kya kt umah serdang ni xbape mnjadi..ya siram stiap hri n buh baja smggu skalik, tp awat ntah xgemuk2 pokoknye..kntot btol..


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